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Welcome To The Isle Of Wight College
Christian Union Website


Welcome to the official website of the Isle of Wight College Christian Union.

We meet at 1pm on Wednesday afternoons in room A30 (see map below), mainly to spend some time with other Christians, and to study the Bible.

To find your way around this site, use the links at the top. There are four main pages, though we are hoping soon to expand the site, but please take the time to look around the site, and please - enjoy.

Ben Tompkins - April 2001


At the moment, we are a small group, though we enjoy our times together. Activities include our weekly study, social occasions, such as bowling, and at the beginning of May, we held a mission within the college, focusing on the needs and beliefs of our fellow students, and offering a chance to find out more about Christianity.

For more info on the CU mission, please click here.

this is a map

Here's 5 reaons why you might want to come to the CU:

  • 1) To meet and chat with other Christians
  • 2) To learn about the big G
  • 3) To pray together
  • 4) Cos we sometimes have free stuff
  • 5) Because I made the map especially!!!

    Please click on the map to see it enlarged

  • For more information

    write to:
    the IW College CU Secretary
    Isle of Wight College Isle Of Wight College
    Medina Way Newport
    Isle of Wight
    PO30 5TA

    alternatively, you can e-mail us on

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